Truffle dinner
Fresh Italian truffles

Fresh Italian truffles

I love walking in the woodlands, the natural smell of the damp moss and earth combined with the fallen leaves. It really helps me switching the mind off and relax.

When I was a child, my grandad took me for walks in the small forest land he owned. We collected colorful leaves, chestnuts, pine cones and acorns. These were my treasures. We painted them with different colours and the nicest made it to the Christmas tree.

Last night I hosted our annual Truffle dinner at work at Blythswood Square Hotel creating a truly special dining experience. Our truffles was foraged on Tuesday in Piedmont and arrived to us on Wednesday afternoon still soily. The truffes were carefully brushed to remove any soil and very briefly rinsed, dried and stored with eggs and arborio rice. As the truffle looses significant amount of moisture the rice and egg helps to absorbe this and takes up the flavour of the truffle.

I welcomed our guest with a glass of champagne and introduced them to our dedicated waiting team and dishes they will experience.

With my team of chefs we created a wide range of canapes infused with these fresh Italian truffles and dotted around tree trunks, behind pumpkins and quince or in between wheat and barley stems for our guests to forage for them.

The menu started off with on of my favourite dish of all times, a…


…seared quail breast and confit leg with truffled celeriac and poached fig

Followed by Orkney scallops with pumpkin filled hand shaped chestnut pasta and red deer Wellington served with blueberry and Garden Shed Gin sauce.

Concluded with cep and white chocolate tart incorporated with GSG, truffle mascarpone and a selection of infusions with truffles.

Our collaboration with GSG was inspired by our mutual love for nature and protection of bees and trees, sustainable and responsible sourcing.