“Set a goal so big that you can't achieve it...until you grow into the person who can.”


My grandad, the greatest influence of all times.

Remembering you is easy, I do it every day; but missing you is a heartache that never goes away.

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Enjoy life, it’s delicious!

My vision... is that one day I'll open a small bakery & kitchen in Glasgow that will supports to local community, provides food education and work placement for young adults to support the industry, and educates the importance of biodiversity.

My aim is to provide affordable quality bakery & artisanal food and coffee products that fits the season. I will share my passion for cooking and baking through organised free to enter demonstrations and events, as well as paid for bakery and cookery classes. A portion of my revenue will go to enhance the surrounding community and to create a communal garden or a safe play ground. I get inspired by the Nomad Bakery in New Hampshire, Tom Lewis’s Mhor concept in the Trossachs, The Lebanese Bakery in Beirut/London and Tartin in San Francisco or Zak the Baker in Miami.

When I close my eyes I can imagine the bakery kitchen with large windows and white walls. It will have a few small tables and a large rustic seasoned oak wood table like my gran had.

This large table can be used for dining, as well as this is where the artisan pasta and bakery masterclasses will takes place or the themed dinner events.

There will also be free food - culture education classes for the neighbourhood children too. I will have wooden boxes made from recycled wood to grow a small amount of seasonal heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers. I will have an adopted beehive to support the environment.

My Story

…I believe everything we do in life is defined by our personal values. The environment we grown up and what our parents and grandparents passed down to us…

In my family no one was a cook and we didn’t run restaurants or hotels. My grandad was a miner. So as my dad.

I grown up in a culture that was very heavily influenced by the Soviet Union and times were tough.

When they closed the mines in Komló, southern Hungary in the 90’s, my father was forced to go back to his original trade in the building industry. He was worked in Austria or other parts of the country so he can earn enough money to keep up our farm animals and to provide the everyday needs of his family. This was meant that all household duties and land duties were left for my mother. My grandparents were supported us a lot.

I always enjoyed eating, cooking and baking and I feel the same joy when I can be out and about in the nature, thanks to my grandad. He took me for mushroom picking in the forestry bit and land he owned. He show us how to sow seeds and when to harvest the vegetable crops or the importance of animal welfare.

I loved spending the summer time with him and I wish I could spend more time with him, loosing him at 15 years old he only see the beginning of my career path. As a kid you not fully understand or appreciate what you got on your door step, and with today’s mindset I feel those well spent summertimes helped me forge the way I look at things or what I feel is important to me.

When I needed to choose trade, I was only 14. My two options were: I ether become a stonemasons apprentice and carve gravestones (the rich can afford a nice funeral) or I become a very good chef as the rich will always has enough to eat, and then I can eat too(as well as earn money). - And let’s face it it’s somewhat easier than lifting marbles and breathing in dust.

With this in mind I choose catering.

... I work in kitchens since I was 14 years old ... thats almost 20 years. I moved to Finland at 18 where I spent 2 years, and now I spent the past 13 years in Scotland. When I don’t cook, I bake. And if I don’t bake I carve wood.

I started creating wooden objects by hand in late 2015 and this is when Crafts by Zoltan become a real project. I feel satisfied when I create something by hand let it be cooking baking or crafting.

I am lucky enough to do what I love and I’m grateful that my family stands by me and they allow me to dedicate time for things that I enjoy doing.

Zoltan X